Business Consulting for the Structure-Averse or Planning-Challenged CEO

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We can help you solve management and operations challenges across your business, even if you are structure-averse or planning-challenged.

Success doesn’t need to be stressful. Selling shouldn’t feel like selling out. Structures don’t have to be sacrificing. Improving or growing your business can feel light, easy, and fun. It can actually feel creative!

When you have the right support in place, when planning feels as easy as playing a game, success can finally feel comfortable. 

Are Any of These Situations, or Ones Like Them, Affecting Your Business's Performance?

  • "I have trouble hiring and keeping people"  
  • "My invoicing system is all over the place" 
  • "I’m not sure what my staff is working on much of the time"
  • "I'd like to add a new delivery model but don't know where to start"
  • "I'm constantly adjusting my goals"
  • "Doing my taxes is a nightmare"
  • "Being involved in every decision is taking too much of my time"
  • "I’m not having fun in my business anymore - I need to get out of the weeds"
  • "I need to nail down new customer onboarding"
  • "What's a sales funnel?"

How We Can Help

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Improve Your Operations

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Some Client Stories

Working with Leigh on my Gameplan was fantastic. She really listened to my vision. It was like she were inside my head with me! Leigh took all my crazy ideas and organized them perfectly into an actionable list. She prioritized the big ideas, and also the smaller steps involved in each and presented it in an easy to follow way so that I know exactly what to do and when. Highly recommend!

Rachel Taylor - Founder, Rachel Taylor Digital Ninja 

Working with Leigh & Bill has really been beneficial and exciting for our company. Their insight and knowledge has really impacted our focus and company direction. We have appreciated their professionalism and positive and reasonable approach. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with them as we move forward! Thanks Leigh & Bill!

Melissa Anderson - Founder, NWA Homecare 

You need a Gameplan. We can help.