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We're your Chief Operations Officer, Business Process Optimizer and Built-in Growth Strategist.

The Creative Gameplan is here for: the Creative entrepreneur or business owner who wants to stay in their brilliance and needs a plan for the rest, the structure-avoidant, the planning-challenged but creatively inclined. 

We want to see Creative businesses thrive and continue to delivering all the wonderful things you do that make the world a better, more beautiful place. We know those qualities that make you an amazing creator are often the same ones that work against you in growing your business. With The Creative Gameplan, you'll have a partner you can rely on to take over the business tasks that keep you up at night or that you hate and avoid altogether. Planning for growth doesn't need to feel heavy.

Bill Bridges, PhD

As an author and educator, Bill's zone of genius is in idea generation, leadership development, and adapting content to maximize its effectiveness for a variety of audiences. He works with our clients to perfect their communication and speaking presence and materials. Bill has taught university courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, is an expert in adult learning and retention methods, and building professional certification programs. Previously in his corporate career, Bill was a senior leader, responsible for Education and Training organizations in a variety of industries including higher education, tech startups and technical membership associations. 

When Bill isn't blowing the socks off our clients, he can be found writing novels, traveling with Leigh to outdoor adventures in their RV, or playing fetch with one of their four rescue dogs. Schedule a consultation to see how Bill can help design your Gameplan so you can get back to creating. 

Leigh Bridges, M.S.

Leigh's unique brilliance is joyfully and lovingly helping creative people apply structure in a way that’s comfortable and supported. She's spent her career leading business transformation for organizations large and small, both within global consulting and Fortune 500 companies. She's creatively and successfully delivered process improvement and technology transformation initiatives, has led new product development teams, and has improved client engagement for a variety of organizations. Leigh is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. 

When Leigh isn't wowing clients, she's looking through her telescope at the night sky, traveling with Bill to outdoor adventures in their RV, or playing fetch with one of their four rescue dogs. Schedule a consultation to see how Leigh can help design and execute your Gameplan so you can get back to creating. 

Our Story

Here at The Creative Gameplan™️, we believe that planning doesn't have to be painful or overwhelming, and that with the right infrastructure and partnering, planning can even be fun. We are focused on providing creative business owners with the tools they need in order to create and grow successful businesses that will stand the test of time. 

We are seasoned professionals in operational efficiency with many years’ experience working to improve businesses. We use a structured and efficient methodology based on years of experience creating operational efficiency within a variety of businesses. We have a thorough understanding of best practices in continuous improvement and pass on a wealth of knowledge based on practical experience and lessons learned across different industries.

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